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Long Story Short:

- My daughter, Victoria, is my whole world! (cutest 3 year old I know)

- I'm married to a talented musician named Andy.

- I live in a historic Victorian home that I'm always updating.

- My business is named after my cat Rosie

- You can typically find me with a mom bun and leggings.

- My passport is always ready to travel!

- Favorite past-time is catching up on Disney movies.

- Guilty pleasure is watching Dance Moms.

- I cry at every wedding & every movie.

- My business is named after my cat Rosie!


Photography is my passion


Strangely, photography was a career I never aspired or dreamed of having. I built a life around having a stable job in construction and real estate. Since I was 15 I wanted to be an architect.


With a background in architecture and design I landed a six-figure job downtown Chicago, why would I want anything else? My main goals in life was to graduate college, work in Chicago, buy a Prius, buy a house, and start a family. Before I was 30, I accomplished those goals and felt unfulfilled. Since being a full-time photographer I have found happiness again and I love what I do! Never settle until you find your happiness!





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