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Boudoir By Anna

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The Boudoir Experience

Be empowered. Be beautiful. Be YOU!

As someone that started their first diet at age 11, I have had many insecurities. My whole life I’ve had body image issues, but through photography I found most people have insecurities, and knowing I am not alone has helped me heal. I’ve created bonds with clients with similar insecurities, which helps knowing we both are not alone. Let me help you heal too!

As women we always feel the need to be perfect and look a certain way, but photography it has provided me confidence to help others. I started my business in boudoir photography to show women how beautiful they are. Boudoir taught me it is just as much a gift to yourself as your partner, and the messages I get from clients show me how important the work I do is. Images have saved marriages, improved self esteem, and most-of-all showed women something they never saw in themselves. Sometimes it takes a photographer to show you that you are beautiful, even if you do not see it.


What to expect

Luxury boudoir experience

I always want to make sure you feel comfortable. Believe me, you will walk away having the BEST time and wanting to do it again! I have so many returning boudoir clients because sometimes it takes someone else to show you how beautiful you are!

Timeline of your boudoir experience:

  • Consultation before session reviewing outfits, hair/makeup

  • Arrive to studio with clean hair and face

  • Refreshments & beverages available

  • 90 minutes in hair and makeup by licensed professionals

  • 60-90 minute photo session

  • 45-60 minute massage from a local professional 

  • After massage images will be ready to view

  • No digital images, prints, or products included in the session fee

What is Included:

  • One-on-one consultation 

  • Professional hair and makeup

  • Posing guidance

  • Styling advise which includes 3 outfits

  • Massage while your images are uploaded to view

  • Professional re-touching of final images

  • Session fee $475



Collections start at $500

Set up an easy payment plan and everything will be ready to go by the time your session arrives!

Pre-paid payment plans can be paid by:

  • Credit Card

  • PayPal Credit

  • AfterPay

  • Affirm

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